Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Samples of new yarns

I wanted to take a moment to post all the different yarns I have been purchasing, listing and selling. They are going so fast that I just don't think everyone has had the chance to see them before they sell.

These are examples of the Fiber Art yarns, hand spun and hand dyed yarns. These are a part of the Luxury line of cocoons.

I purchase new yarns every week, and once I get the yarns I photograph them and list them for sale. They are made to order and each one will have a different look. Each yarn has its own characteristics, size, colors, textures, stretch, etc.

I have also started doing the Custom Cocoons...these yarns are examples of the types of yarns you will be sifting through (in any color you want of course), or I will have something hand spun for you.

Some of these are already sold...some are currently for sale in my Etsy store. As soon as I get a spare moment...I plan to put together a new site just for the Boutique...but I am super busy right now,and it is just going to have to wait.


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Amy B. said...

that first color is beautiful!