Friday, May 16, 2008

Knitter(s) needed...ASAP

I have just been notified of some issues with my last batch of orders. Most of the orders come to me packaged, so things get missed. This is the second problem of the nature, so I have to let my knitter go.

It is not acceptable to me. I pride myself with providing the highest quality items and when that is not the case...I am mortified. If you are a knitter, or know a knitter...I am looking for help. I pay well (hence the reason they cost what they do). The knitter will need the following knowledge to qualify

Non Smoking Enviroment
Pet Free
Knit in round
Garter Stitch
Decrease Stitch
In the US (unless you or they are willing to ship at their own expenses)

If anyone has had any problems with your product that has not contacted me, please do so! I will either refund you or get you a new item as soon as I can. Thank you for bearing with this slight delay! Marta