Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Custom Cocoons

Tired of waiting for the perfect {cocoon} to pop up? Do you have colors in your creative photographers brain that you want a {cocoon} made out of? Certain textures? A special size?

Now is your chance to order a Completely Custom Cocoon. These are in the league of my OOAK and Limited Edition Cocoons. If price is an issue this is not the product for you. But trust me, this will be all you. First we will find out what you want. I will hunt all of my handspun and hand dyed yarn sources for the perfect yarn for you. If we do not find something that works, then I will have something spun specially for you. Then we will make it just for you out of your custom colors and yarns.

This is not a quick process. If we can find a yarn ready to ship, then you can have it shipped in 1-2 weeks. If we have to have a yarn made for you, then it can be up to 4 weeks. But you will have Fiber Art made especially for you.

See more about this in my Etsy Store.

Other news. My knitters are finally in production. We had to work out a few more kinks than I expected but they are well on their way. I hope to finally be able to put plenty more up for sale soon!

Here is one of my latest. There are some new yarns listed in the Etsy store.