Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hard Time Deciding???

Order Two and save!

I have had lots of people have a hard time deciding which to order, or they want two and just can't swing it.

Now you can get two for

$155 ($15 dollar savings)

If you already ordered one, and would like another. Contact me in the next day or two and I will adjust the price and shipping of the second one. Be sure to let me know this is your second one!

Thanks a bunch for your orders and wonderful comments!

cocoon. details

Note*** Olive. Is not shown. It is a pine, meets olive, meets apple green. Images will come soon (the prototype was not done yet).

The cocoon is made of:
80% Acrylic. 16% wool. 4% other fibers.

The wooden button cuffs that accompany the cocoon are made out of various woods. Each cuff is different and organic in shape. The button cuff is an accessory. It can be totally removed or used in different location of the cocoon. Whatever suits your needs.

The cocoon has a lot of stretch and will fit various size babies with ease. It is open halfway down the front for ease of putting the baby in and wrapping ability. I have found it very versatile. If you have an awake baby, or a squirmer, swaddle the baby tight with a small blanket or peice of fabric and then put the baby in the {cocoon}. (I had to on the rust image). There are no seams on the {cocoon} so you can photograph it from all sides or angles.

Due to the time involvement in creating these we are doing them on an as ordered basis. Right now the first 5 orders will ship in 1-2 weeks. Orders after that will ship 2-4 weeks depending on where you are on the list. I will inform you on your status when you place the order.

The {cocoon} is being sold for $85

If you wish to order a cocoon please email me at


The cocoon.

The {cocoon} is my unique new design for newborn photography. Many hours and prototypes were made trying to get this just right and versatile. It is a pouch, just as it appears. But it is open down the front about halfway for ease of putting the baby in and wrapping capabilities. Each {cocoon} comes with a hand carved exotic wooden button cuff. The cuff itself is unique in design since it can be removed totally and put where you need or not used at all. (note: button cuff may be a choking hazard. It is only to be used under adult supervision)

I have photographed the {cocoon} today and found even more ways to wrap, tuck, fluff and use it. It is very versatile and photographs wonderfully. Each {cocoon} will vary along with the button cuffs since the yarn has a mind of its own and the colors will not place exact on each.

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