Friday, April 4, 2008

Images of Grace and the {cocoon}

Wow....just wow! I just spent 3 hours in kiddy chaos and I sat down exhausted to take a quick peek at my email. And look what I found!!! Amy of Images of Grace sent me this wonderful email of the most stunning images of the Olive {cocoon}. Just breathtaking and pure.

A quick quote from Amy.."I just loved how easy it is...I ordered 2 already and about to order a 3rd...THANKS!"

Keep sending the images and I will keep posting these amazing inspirations!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

{cocoon} - Organic

The new {cocoon} colors are here, and they are in a all new yarn. 100% Organic Cotton in the softest texture and the most natural of colors.

The new Organic {cocoon} will come with the all organic handmade wooden buttons just like the original. The flowers and rafia used in the images do not come with the {coocoon}, but used mainly to show the endless possibilities to make this your own. Due to the weight and texture of the yarn the knit on these is a little looser (just a little). But you will see a little more skin, and have a little more stretch. It does have a great drape to it as well.

Please excuse my use of the baby doll. All of my newborns are coming next month (5). But I just couldn't wait any longer to release the new yarns. I will have plenty of images next month of my babies in them, and photos of the other colors.

detail of the knit






linen. image coming soon....(it is the off white in the center of the top image)

To purchase the Organic Cotton {cocoon} please visit my Etsy Store

If you have questions or concerns please email me at

{coccon} in use

Dorinda of Capturing Life Photography just sent me these amazing images. She has purchased 3 {cocoons} from me. Two of them were for a special pair of twins. The color combination is just beautiful.
Here is a detail of Plum and Blush

Plum and Blush



The Wrap in use!

This one is from Cherry Cortez. She used the Urban Wrap here, and he looks like a little peanut. With a touch of vintage and texture, she made a wonderfully unique image.

Alexandra Jose was wonderful enough to share that you don't have to just use them for newborns! This is a 4 month old. The wrap make a wonderfully vibrant addition to the image.