Friday, April 4, 2008

Images of Grace and the {cocoon}

Wow....just wow! I just spent 3 hours in kiddy chaos and I sat down exhausted to take a quick peek at my email. And look what I found!!! Amy of Images of Grace sent me this wonderful email of the most stunning images of the Olive {cocoon}. Just breathtaking and pure.

A quick quote from Amy.."I just loved how easy it is...I ordered 2 already and about to order a 3rd...THANKS!"

Keep sending the images and I will keep posting these amazing inspirations!


Brittany said...

These are amazing! I want one so bad... I signed up for the mailing list about a month or so ago but I'm not sure how to order. How do I order???

Peachtree Studio - lifestyle photography said...

oh these are LOVELY!
so so very very beautiful.
i need to order!